CDM High School
2018 Track & Field
Newsletter #3
March 16, 2018

CDM v Newport Harbor “Battle of the Bay” Dual Meet
March 15, 2018


Every spring, the Corona del Mar Track & Field program looks forward to its “Battle of the Bay” dual meet with Newport Harbor High School. The NHHS athletes may look familiar to you, because they have been without a track for the past 2 years, practicing at CDM’s track in the interim of their track being constructed. We had the privilege of being the first track meet held at the new, state of the art facility at NHHS, AND the thrill of winning all 4 of our BOTB contests for the Varsity Girls, Varsity Boys, JV Girls and JV Boys.

For those of you new to Track & Field, the first 3 finishers in each event are awarded points: 1st place receives 5 points, 2nd place receives 3 points, and 3rd place receives 1 point. Relays are 5 points to the winner, and 0 points to the losing team in that contest. The scores are added up and that is how the TEAM SCORES are calculated.

CDM had 91 Top 3 Finishes across all events! Congratulations to all Sea King athletes who are getting a great start to the season. The “PR” notation is for Personal Records (PR’s) set through the season. You begin to note PR’s from your second event forward, so look for many PRs to be set from the next meet and on, as this was the first meet for many of our athletes.

Thank you to the parents that brought waters and snacks to this meet: Gordon Kennedy (who also posts photos on Facebook) , Brigid Cianfrani and Patty Seyburn.

We have the Laguna Trophy Track & Field Invitational (Select Athletes) this Saturday, March 17th. Coach will be in touch with these athletes and inform them of their scheduled time for competing.

Our first Pacific Coast League meet against Beckman High School (ALL athletes) will be on Thursday, March 22 at CDM. We hope to see many of you at our track to support our Sea Kings!


Coverage by Daily Pilot’s Andrew Turner

4x100m Relay
JV Girls
CDM 56.91

JV Boys
CDM 47.39
NH 50.59

Varsity Girls
CDM 51.39
NH 53.44

Varsity Boys
CDM 45.60

JV Girls
Sumner Warden 6:22 2nd
Hailey Kardos 6:45 4th
Megan Hartog 6:47 5th
Brooke Ianni 7:27 6th
Anne-Marie Shui 7:46 7th PR

JV Boys
Ethan Bollman 4:55 2nd
Alex Britton 5:00 5th
Iain Kennedy 5:06 8th
Troy Tsubota 5:32 13th
Harrison Lim 5:37 15th
Debao Huang 5:50 16th
Will Little 5:55 17th
Bryan Scherer 5:58 18th
Liam Murray 5:59 19th
Ben Berzon 6:01 21st
Brandon Getter 6:01 22nd
Elliott Stone 6:08 23rd
Nicholas Chen 6:12 24th
Andrew Henrotin 6:13 26th
Zikai Hui 6:40 27th

Varsity Girls
Gigi Lee 5:33 1st
Julia Tung 5:36 2nd
Emma Montgomery 5:49 6th

Varsity Boys
Ian Turner 4:40 3rd
Joey Cianfrani 4:43 4th
Nico Pence 4:46 6th
Josh Means DNF

100m/110m Hurdles
Varsity Girls
Paige Damron 16.85 1st
Julianne Bartz 16.91 2nd
Sara Cargile 20.77 3rd

Varsity Boys
Thomas Olsen 17.86 1st
Johnny Lujan 17.87 2nd

400m Dash
JV Girls
Ashley Trester 1:12 1st
Chloe Curci 1:13 2nd
Maddie Zacher 1:15 3rd
Hailee Hefler 1:19 4th

JV Boys
Justin Le 57.31 2nd
Matt Glessing 59.62 3rd
Jonathan Ensign 5th
Ryan Bartz 11th

Varsity Girls
Vyvy Dang 1:00 2nd
Coco Chinnici 1:02 3rd
Angeliki Harris 1:02 4th

Varsity Boys
Grant Glessing 54.23 1st
Sean Dannelly 59.08 3rd

100m Dash
JV Girls
Ava Blower 14.04 1st
Sarah Schoenbaum 14.61 2nd
Shannon Strassman 14.86 4th
Sierra Stoalar 14.93 6th
Sammy Wolf 15.08 7th
Alicia Johnston 15.22 8th
Thuy Pham 15.66 11th
Lana Debbaneh 15.69 12th
Chloe Pharris 15.89 15th
Remi Inoue 15.98 16th
Savannah Cooper 15.99 17th
Quincy DeMarigny 16.09 19th
Ashley Boroff 16.11 20th
Sofia Dougal 16.57 24th
Nora Dahl 16.87 27th
Perry DeMarigny 17.65 29th

JV Boys
Bradley Schlom 12.19 1st
Tommy Griffin 12.74 2nd
General Booty 12.75 3rd
Connor McDonald 12.97 5th
Ardis Coleman 13.27 8th
Will Hanna 13.59 14th
Angus Bremner 13.66 15th
Bryson Freehan 14.07 16th
Gio Tartara 14.17 18th

Varsity Girls
Morgan Simon 13.82 1st
Meghan Jordan 13.99 3rd

Varsity Boys
Nathaniel Espinoza 12.06 1st
Ben Coteen 12.19 2nd
Jason Vicencio 12.23 3rd
Chris Wendland 12.53 6th
Tristan Troutman 12.83 7th

JV Girls
Ava Sorensen 2:52 5th
Hailey Kardos 2:58 9th
Eva Berzon 2:58 10th PR
Megan Hartog 3:01 11th
Sumner Warden 3:02 12th
Nina Simaan 3:08 14th PR
Anne-marie Shui 3:33 19th PR

JV Boys
Austin Leehealy 2:13 1st
Jacob Krantz 2:14 2nd
Jack Newton 2:15 3rd
Ethan Bollman 2:17 5th
Thomas Glessing 2:22 9th
Owen MacKinnon 2:22 10th
Brian Shard 2:25 12th
Sam Khachiyan 2:36 17th
Andrew Ferguson 2:38 19th
Liam Murray 2:45 20th
Willem DeVierman 2:46 21st
Ethan Rameson 2:48 22nd
Cayman Zack 2:48 23rd
Andrew Henrotin 2:51 25th
Brandon Getter 2:53 26th
Nicholas Chen 2:53 27th
Samuel Francis 2:55 28th
Dane Bright 2:57 29th
Mason Moses 3:07 30th
Zikai Hui 3:07 31st

Varsity Girls
Sydney Sharp 2:27 1st PR
Lauren Griffin 2:30 2nd
Gigi Lee 2:34 4th

Varsity Boys
Josh Means 2:04 2nd
Ian Turner 2:06 4th

300m Hurdles
JV Girls
Anna Wilde 56.37 1st

JV Boys
Justin Le 47.99 1st

Varsity Girls
Paige Damron 46.66 1st
Julianne Bartz 49.77 2nd

Varsity Boys
Johnny Lujan 43.94 1st
Thomas Olsen 45.77 2nd

200m Dash
JV Girls
Ava Blower 29.05 1st
Sarah Schoenbaum 30.26 2nd
Karma Darwish 30.62 3rd
Teddy King 31.1 4th
Ashley Boroff 31.45 5th
Sammy Wolf 31.6 6th
Daisy Ma 31.67 7th
Remi Inoue 32.47 9th
Chloe Curci 32.74 10th
Chloe Pharris 32.9 11th
Quincy DeMarigny 32.92 12th
Nora Dahl 33.36 15th
Lana Debbaneh 33.58 17th
Sofia Dougal 33.91 19th
Perry DeMarigny 36.42 25th

JV Boys
General Booty 25.22 1st
Felix Fontaeus 25.23 2nd
Angus Bremner 26.8 10th
Jonathan Ensign 27.09 11th
Mason Gecowets 27.63 13th
Gio Tartara 27.89 15th
Bryson Freehan 28.09 16th

Varsity Girls
Vyvy Dang 27.69 2nd
Angeliki Harris 28.76 4th
Coco Chinnici 28.98 5th
Meghan Jordan 30.16 6th

Varsity Boys
John Schlegel 24.33 1st
Nathaniel Espinoza 24.47 2nd
Sean Dannelly 25.79 6th
Devan Grace 26.37 7th

JV Girls
Nina Simaan 16:09 2nd PR
Brooke Ianni 16:28 3rd

JV Boys
Austin Leehealy 11:05 1st
Brian Shard 11:32 2nd
Chase Groux 12:57 3rd
Debao Huang 13:46 4th
Bryan Scherer 13:50 5th
Elliott Stone 13:55 6th
Willem DeVeirman 13:57 7th
Eric Nguyen 13:57 8th
Ethan Rameson 14:09 9th
Samuel Francis 14:25 10th

Varsity Girls
Julia Tung 12:03 1st
Paris Ammari 13:59 4th

Varsity Boys
Joey Cianfrani 10:16 1st
Nico Pence 10:19 2nd

4x400m Relay
JV Girls
CDM 5:02

JV Boys
NH 4:15
CDM 4:29

Varsity Girls
CDM 4:14
NH 4:26

Varsity Boys
NH 3:44
CDM 3:51

Pole Vault
JV Girls
Shannon Strassman 9-06.0 1st

Varsity Girls
Morgan Simon 12-01.00 1st PR NEW CDM SCHOOL RECORD!!

High Jump
JV Boys
Matt Glessing 5-02.0 1st

Varsity Boys
Charlie Wright 5-02.0 1st
Cole Rameson 5-00.0 2nd

Long Jump
JV Girls
Ashley Trester 14-05.0 2nd
Alicia Johnston 12-11.0 3rd

JV Boys
Chandler Airth 16-09.0 1st
Willem DeVierman 13-04.0 3rd
Felix Fontaeus ND
Sam Khachiyan ND

Varsity Girls
Sara Cargile 16-01.0 1st
Simona Bocancea 15-11.0 2nd
Sami Mather 15-00.0 3rd

Varsity Boys
Charlie Wright 20-01.0 1st
Devan Grace 18-02.0 3rd
Cole Rameson 17-10.0 4th

Triple Jump
Varsity Girls
Sara Cargile 32-01.0 1st

Varsity Boys
Charlie Wright 39-05.0 1st

Discus Throw
JV Girls
Devyn Mallon 74-11 1st
Ariana Novela 69-09 2nd PR
Kimmy Bigi 68-10 3rd PR
Sarah Shellow 64-10 4th PR
Estella Pryor 64-01 5th
Ashley Trester 63-08 6th PR
Macayla Gregory 59-10 7th PR
Hanah Greengard 57-02 9th
Ava Toranji 54-08 10th PR
Ashley Righeimer 39-02 11th PR

JV Boys
Christopher Heinemann 115-07 1st PR
Aria Taghavi 103-04 2nd PR
Blake Brawley 95-06 3rd PR

Varsity Girls
Simona Bocancea 120-02 1st PR
Sami Mather 97-04.5 2nd PR
Kelly Kobayashi 77-00 3rd

Varsity Boys
Cole White 150-01.50 3rd

Shot Put
JV Girls
Macayla Gregory 26-00.5 2nd PR
Ashley Trester 23-05.0 3rd PR
Ariana Novela 22-00.0 4th PR
Devyn Mallon 21-01.0 5th PR
Sarah Shellow 20-11.0 6th PR
Kimmy Bigi 18-11.50 7th PR
Hanah Greengard 16-11.0 8th PR
Estella Pryor 16-10.50 9th PR
Ava Toranji 16-01.0 10th PR

JV Boys
Christopher Heinemann 36-07.0 1st PR
Aria Taghavi 33-04.0 3rd PR
Blake Brawley 30-06.0 4th PR

Varsity Girls
Simona Bocancea 30-03.0 1st PR
Sami Mather 27-01.0 2nd
Kelly Kobayashi 17-02 3rd PR

Varsity Boys
Cole White 45-01.5 3rd PR


There is Track & Field practice scheduled for all those athletes who are not away during April 16th-19th.

April 16th Monday 8am
April 17th Tuesday 8am
April 18th Wednesday 8am
April 19th Thursday 8am


Our Next Pacific League Meet against Woodbridge High School is on Wednesday, April 25th at Woodbridge High School. Bus information to follow.

Let us know if you can bring waters/snacks or volunteer to help out on the field.

Thank you!

2018 Track & Field Season Schedule

Wednesday, April 25 Woodbridge HS* @ University HS 3:00pm ALL
Tuesday, May 1 Pacific Coast League Prelims @ University HS ALL
Friday, May 4 Pacific Coast League Finals @ University HS Qualified
Monday, June 4 CDM Track & Field Banquet – Oasis Sr Center **NEW DATE
Aug 5-10, 2018 Mammoth XC Training Camp – ** NEW DATE

* League Contest

``We all know that if you run, you are pretty much choosing a life of success because of it. ``
Deena Kastor
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